Less is More: Why Short Video is the Future of Content

posted by Kari Teicher

March 22, 2024

At C&B, we make videos. And we love videos.

Video, in all formats, has dominated the world of advertising, marketing, and entertainment for eons.

But as the years tick by, the videos are condensing in length. Ten minute docs became ten, became five, became one.

And now? Seconds are better than minutes.  

Seconds are better than minutes. 


Because shorter video content tends to perform better - in advertising, in sales, in recruitment, in retention, in entertainment, in everything.


  • Attention Spans:
    • People's attention spans are generally shorter, especially when browsing online or on social media. You’ve got to grab them, and grab them fast. Short videos are more likely to capture and maintain viewers' attention, increasing the chances of delivering the intended message before the audience loses interest.
  • Ease of Consumption:
    • Short videos are easy to consume and fit well into the fast-paced nature of online content consumption. Viewers are more likely to watch a brief video during a quick break or while waiting for something, making them more accessible and shareable. Fifteen seconds > sixty seconds. 
  • Mobile Usage:
    • With the widespread use of smartphones, people often consume content on the go. Short videos are more convenient for mobile users, as they can be quickly loaded and viewed without requiring a significant time commitment or even significant data usage.
  • Social Media Algorithms:
    • Hack the system. Many social media platforms prioritize and promote shorter content in their algorithms. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, which are popular for advertising, favour shorter videos. Creating content that aligns with platform algorithms can boost visibility and engagement.
  • Message Retention:
    • Short videos are more likely to leave a lasting impression because they focus on a specific message or idea. Viewers are more likely to remember concise and impactful content, making it effective for conveying key marketing or sales messages. One strong message can be better than five vague ones.
  • Shareability:
    • Short videos are more shareable, leading to increased reach and exposure. Users are more inclined to share content that can be quickly consumed and is entertaining or informative, contributing to the viral potential of short videos. And going viral is a good thing. 
  • Cost-Effective:
    • Creating shorter videos is often more cost-effective than producing longer, more elaborate content.. which also means that more of it can be made for the same budget. This is particularly relevant for businesses with limited budgets for advertising and marketing, or for those tip-toeing into the arena of video advertising.
  • Adaptable to Multiple Platforms:
    • Short videos can be easily repurposed and adapted for various platforms - internal websites, external websites, career sites, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and more. The same content can be shared on different social media channels, making it versatile and extending its reach across different audiences.

When it comes to engagement strategies, C&B takes an unabashedly old school approach with an unabashedly new school eye. We believe that the best way to bring a company’s brand to life is to tell honest & compelling stories - and we believe we can do it for you. Short, sweet, compelling video series to get customers or talent to your doorstep. 

It’s what we do. And we’re really good at it.

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